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You know it when you hear it; a great live band that captures the real spirit of timeless songs and makes them their own. The grind and swing of shimmering electric guitars graced with an immortal Hammond organ swell, driven by a locked in beat and the rumble of soul from the bass guitar. Top it off with singers that have honed their craft and vocal expressions on countless stages facing fans eager to hear real rock and roll, and you arrive at the LunaFish experience.


Whether it’s for a large festival crowd, a concert in the park, a cozy outdoor winery setting, a restaurant patio, or private event, LunaFish will bring a top notch musical performance. For 10 years, they have built a strong and faithful following, creating a reputation for being a band that delivers on the musical promise of a good time to be had by all.

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9th Dec 2017

Welcome to the NEW LunaFish Website!

Long overdue, but exciting and new, LunaFish is proud to… >>